Commonly Asked Questions

To ensure that you have a complete understanding as to the nature, and infrastructure of our company we’ve listed our Most Frequently Asked Questions, and answers below. If you don’t see your question, please feel free to shoot us an email to:, and we will answer your question within 24 hours. We will also add your question to our FAQ list.

Have you really been featured in those news outlets? Yes. We submitted our press release to an agency that represented our company whom then submitted our release to over 100 different news outlets worldwide. All press release requirements were met. Our company was screened, and verified for providing true, and accurate information, therefore our press release was approved, and accepted. 

See our press release in a few of the top publications here:

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What is Womsga

Womsga is an all-in-one local small business directory service, as well as a crowd source review forum, and social networking site.

What is MyWomsgaFranchise

A virtual franchising opportunity to that allows entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and any persons interested in investing in a franchise to be able to do s so without any physical obligations of actually operating the business, or any financial risks. It’s a simple investment method that allows for short-term, or long-term returns from our directory.

Is this a scam?

No. We can assure you that our “virtual franchise” opportunity is not a scam. We are very aware of the “virtual franchise” scams that exist, but our franchise model is nothing like those companies. We encourage you to do your research, and compare our business model to other “virtual franchise” companies. You will find that our model is unique, fair, reasonable, and honest. Our company IS NOT a scam!

Is this an MLM (Multi-Level marketing) Scheme?

Absolutely not. This is not an MLM company since our business model allows investors to recoup 100% of their profits. There’s no compensation commission system in place with our company. Each investor profits 100% of their earnings, and there are no financial losses since investors are refunded their investment if they don’t turn any profits.

Find out more about MLM pyramid selling, and compare our company to see the difference. We are unique, and different!

Is this a pyramid Scheme?

No. Our business model is nothing compared to a pyramid scheme. Unlike a pyramid scheme, there’s no recruiting required, nor is there a promise of payments or services for enrolling others to become investors. Investors invest in our company model at their own discretion, and they receive 100% of the price from the sell of our services, and products.

Find out more about pyramid schemes, and compare our model to see for yourself.

What do you mean by “Virtual Franchise”

This means that you’re not investing in a physical location of business. You don’t own a physical womsga business location, because our business is operated online. You’re investing in the ownership of recouping a percentage of the profits earned by the daily operations of the company without any real business operation obligations.

Are there any risks

No. There are no risks, because we refund your investment at the end of licensing agreement if our records show you haven’t made any money during your investment period.

Is it like investing in the Stock market, or Bitcoin?

No. Our structure is much more simple, and bares no risk. There’s no negotiating prices, making trades, or buying and selling anything, and the money isn’t used digitally, it’s real US Currency.

What do you mean by “Break Even”?

This means get a return on your invest in the amount of your initial investment. Meaning, make your money back, earn, or generate at least the amount of your initial investment.

Can I get my money back if i don’t make any money

It’s possible. If you don’t make any money over the duration of your license agreement and we find that you have followed all the advice provided to you in our franchise guide, and you still haven’t earned any profits we will determine whether to refund you your investment minus a 20% support fee as stated in our license agreement. We may instead, also consider, as an alternative measure to extend your license agreement for an additional six months.

Why do you take a percentage

The percentage we retain is to pay our support teams. It’s an administrative fee.It helps to cover our costs of providing you with the support, help, and assistance that was provided to you.

How much exactly is the percentage that you keep?

We keep 20% of your initial investment. (For Example: $500 investment = $100; $1000 =$200; $5,000 =$1000; $10,000 =$2000)

When do I get my money back if I don’t make any money?

At the end of your license agreement. (For Example: If you invested $100, your agreement term is six months. If you do not make any money by the time your license expires, you get your money back within 1-3 business days after the date of expiration.

What if I make some money, but not all of my money back? 

If you make “some” money, but not “all” of your money back you’re not eligible to receive a refund as per our policy. Nevertheless, whatever money you profit, it’s yours to keep.

What if I make back my initial investment, but don’t make any more money after that, will you still refund my money at the end of the agreement?

No. We do not honor refunds if you successfully earned back your initial investment. We consider this as “breaking even”. If you earn back your initial investment we consider that to be a profit.

Is this like investing in the stock market?

No. This is not like investing in the stock market at all. There’s no trading, or buying from other investors required. Our company isn’t a publicly traded company so this isn’t possible.

How exactly does your virtual franchise work?

Our franchise operates very similar to the traditional franchise structure. The difference between our virtual franchise, and a commercial franchise is that our products are virtual. Since our company is an online business our products, and services are considered “virtual”, because they can not be shipped. These products are either downloadable, or transmitted via the internet.

You are simply “licensing” the use of our company, our brand, name, and products to operate your business, and collect 100% of your profits.

What exactly do you mean by “Licensing”?

Licensing means you’re simply using the model of our company to make money You’re making money from the use of our company’s products, and services by using our company’s brand to appear to be in business for yourself. It’s our company, you’re simply “renting” the use of it.

What name do I put my franchise business in?

Franchise owners commonly file DBAs to establish the identity of their local business. An example of this is an owner of a local McDonald’s franchise. The franchise owner may have incorporated their business as ABC Enterprises Inc. but also filed the DBA name as McDonald’s. In this case, the entire corporate name would be ABC Enterprises Inc., DBA McDonald’s.

As a Womsga Franchise owner your business name would be, “Your Legal Name” Solutions, DBA Womsga.

What is a DBA?

A DBA is a “doing business as” name, also referred to as a trade name, fictitious name, or assumed name. Basically, it is a business registration that allows the business owner to conduct business under a different business name. Filing a DBA is a common practice amongst business owners. However, the reasons for filing a DBA can vary depending on the business need. So here are some common reasons below why business owners file DBAs:

Using a business name other than your personal name 

This is common in the case of a sole proprietorship or a partnership in which the business name and the owner’s personal name are one in the same. In registering a DBA, a small business owner does not incur the cost of incorporation or forming a Limited Liability Company. It also allows you to operate your company under a DBA name rather than your personal name.

Business Bank Account – If you did not incorporate or form an LLC for your business, your bank may require a DBA in order to open a business bank account.

Corporation or Limited Liability Company – Corporations and LLCs file a DBA when they plan to conduct business under a different name. There are a few reasons why this is done. One would be if you have decided to start a new business that you want to keep separate from the one you have incorporated.  This is also done for business owners who plan on operating multiple businesses. An example of an existing entity filing a DBA would be the following scenario. You incorporated a boutique but now want to offer consulting services. Since the businesses and business plans are substantially different, you want to segregate them without incurring the cost of incorporating another company. Registering a DBA allows you to do this.

What does “Virtual Franchise” mean to you?

Our virtual franchise is simply a “Licensing Agreement” between our company, and the investor also known as the “Licensee”.

What is a Licensing Agreement?

A licensing agreement is a legal contract between two parties, known as the licensor and the licensee. In a typical licensing agreement, the licensor grants the licensee the right to produce and sell goods, apply a brand name or trademark, or use patented technology owned by the licensor. In exchange, the licensee usually submits to a series of conditions regarding the use of the licensor’s property and agrees to make payments known as royalties.

What is Womsga’s Licensing Agreement?

A Licensing agreement is a legal contract between the licensor (“Womsga”), and the licensee (“Investor”)  The licensor (“Womsga”) grants the licensee (“Investor”) the right to sell it’s memberships, use of the womsga brand name or trademark, or any use patented technology owned by the licensor. In exchange, the licensee agrees to submit to a series of conditions regarding the use of the licensor’s property and agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, and make the initial investment payment to finalize the license agreement.

If this is a licensing agreement why do you call it a virtual franchise?

We simply chose to use the term “virtual franchise” to provide a better understanding as to how our business model is structured, and operates.

What Is a Franchisor?

A franchisor sells the right to open stores and sell products or services using its brand, expertise, and intellectual property. It is the original or existing business that sells the right to use its name and idea. The small business owner who purchases these rights is called a franchisee and the branch business, itself, is called a franchise.

The franchisor company generally receives an initial start-up fee, an annual fee, and a percentage of the branch’s profits. It may also charge for other services. (Investing in a Womsga Virtual Franchise doesn’t require any annual fees, percentages, or any other service fees other than the initial investment fee required to profit from our company)

Becoming a franchisor is generally a good business alternative, especially for large, already-successful companies, though there are both advantages and disadvantages. In our case, there are no disadvantages, because our business model was designed specifically to be a “No Risk” investment opportunity. 

If you don’t see your question, please ask it here. A representative will send you a reply within 1-24 hours. Thank you.