Start This Business Without Having To Operate The Business For Just $100.

This simple new business model is helping 1000s of people start their own business and make the money they want to make online without having to manage, or operate their business for just $100.

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Invest in Starting your Own Online Business Without…


  • Making a huge upfront investment
  • Managing, or operating the business
  • Purchasing any products
  • Incurring overhead debt
  • Recruiting, or signing anyone up

​In fact…

If you’re wasting your time, money and energy on the opposite of any of the things we’ve listed, this business venture is THE game-changer for you.
The business model was specifically designed to present a business-in-a-box to anyone eager to start their own business. (Even with no prior management, business experience, or business knowledge)

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While 95% of ordinary people pass up real opportunities to make some real money, a handful of smart ones have taken control over their finances by investing in business models that simply make sense, and are paying themselves.
All of these people were skeptical, and hesitant just like you probably are right now, but…somewhere along the line they were convinced to simply do the math before doubting that the business model worked.

And you can too!

Every single successful franchise owner knows that a good business model focuses on profit projections and targeting actual potential customers. 

If you follow the operations guide, you’ll maintain structure, gain customers, and make sales, it’s as simple as that.

So wha’t s the catch?
​This is the easiest way to invest in a franchise, and start your own business. 
It takes the traditional way of franchising to a whole different level. It allows you to own a franchise without paying any franchise fees, or having any obligations to manage and operate the business. 
So your Investment and business start-up efforts are at ease and highly profitable.
This proven system allows you to…
  • Start your own business with a minimum investment of just $100
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Pay NO fees, or monthly dues
  • Eliminate overhead debt
  • Own a business without having to manage, or operate the business
  • Help local small businesses get the word out about their business

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